How to use Transactwise

Do you need help with our transaction system? Below is a step by step guide of how you can start your escrow transaction and withdraw your funds successfully



Start Transaction

Fill the form and enter the Escrow transaction details
Click on the Start Transaction button to proceed with our service
A confirmation email will be sent to both the Buyer and Seller to verify transaction between both parties


Confirm Transaction

Both traders confirm if they have agreed to initiate any transaction and enter their security details, Security details here may include Passwords and ReCaptca validation. This will be used to access the transaction status page


Escrow Payments

After both traders have confirmed the email sent to each of them, a Payment Invoice will be generated and sent to both traders, The invoice here may cointain a Specific Wallet Address or Payment Link/Address where the buyer and seller will be sending their respective coins in exchange. The email here comes with a Unique Hash Code which will be required when a user is about to make his/her final withdrawals
Note: Always check to confirm if the email received is from "" to avoid loss of funds to impersonators


Payment Confirmation

The escrow transaction will be tagged Waiting after the transaction is confirmed, for the transaction to complete, it requires both parties to fully comply and send their funds to the escrow system. You need not to worry, any funds received will be held in escrow until payment is confirmed from both parties. You can always check the Status of the transaction from the Transactions Page You will needing your Email Address and Password for that


Funds Released

Once the funds have been confirmed from both parties. So then both parties can Withdraw to their personal wallets addresses, to do that you will need the Unique Hash Code generated on STEP 3