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Securely exchange your cryptocurrencies with ease using our proprietary Transactwise® Crypto Transfer Solution.

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Transactwise Escrow Ltd consists of basic features that will not only make your transactions safe, but also help build trust in the online community, Here are some of them, And by harnessing the power of smart exchangers, our funds management skills, we put the control of money back into your hands.


Truly Secure

Transactwise's ecsrow system will keep your funds truly secured during the entire transaction


Full Compliance

It's good to be security conscious at all times, So we ensure that payment from both traders are confirmed before funds are released, that applies to our smart contract system.


Totally Awesome

We have everything that is needed to make your transaction experience totally awesome. It's trusted, secured and easy to use

What is Escrow?

An escrow is an arrangement between two parties where a third-party (in this case, us) holds payment of the funds (as we do in cryptocurrency) required to complete a transaction. It is secure as funds are kept with the third-party until all of the terms of a transaction are met. However, we only step in if there are issues (a dispute ) during the exchange. Over 98% of the transactions on Transactwise are completed without us stepping in, making it automated between you and your partner!

You're in full control with our KeylessEscrow® Transaction System

Transactwise's Crypto Transfer & Exchange solution Originated and was Incorporated in 2018 as a Money Transfer & Foreign Exchange, Dissolved in 2019 and Reestablished in 2020 as the Transactwise Crypto Transfer Ltd. We are Powered by Innovation, Talent, Integrity and Commitment. This makes our payment solution secured, trusted and available for everyone to use

Just 5 Simple Steps


Start Transaction

Fill the form and enter the escrow transaction details


Confirm Transaction

Both traders confirm if they have agreed to initiate any transaction and create a password


Escrow Payments

Both traders send their funds to the escrow system


Payment Confirmation

Funds will be held in escrow until payment is confirmed from both traders


Funds Released

The funds received will be released to the traders, They can now use the withdraw button

Why Use Transactwise?

Traders can rest knowing Transactwise's Crypto Transfer and Excahnge system secures funds until the both traders send payment to the escrow solution

Buyers and Sellers never need to worry about how the payment will be settled between thier partners. Once we have confirmed payment from both parties, They can withdraw and thier funds will released automatically at most within 12 Hours.

Most importantly, We are here for you as a security system when you setup a trade with our company

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